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Illig Construction believes deeply in sustainable practices and has the knowledge and resources to support our clients’ efforts in the direction of LEED Certification, alternative energy, and net zero energy projects.

We uniquely understand the importance of sustainability and embrace innovative design/building practices which allow increased efficiency and conservation. Illig Construction has adopted a policy to utilize environmental friendly practices in our operations whether our clients are seeking formal certification or not.

We also understand what clients expect in regards to quality construction and functional facilities. Bringing Illig Construction on board early in the design phase allows for a more efficient design, extensive cost/benefit analysis on the life-cycle of systems and materials going into the new facility, coordination and constructability and ultimately a successful project within budget and schedule. We plan, manage and provide solutions that meet our client’s goals and objectives. Our staff is mindful of how various aspects of construction must interface with the “green” building process and how even the smallest efforts make a difference in the environment.